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About Lacey and Eric Wiley

We are incredibly passionate about helping guide clients in purchasing or selling their first home and to simplify the process to ease the stress. This could potentially be your largest investment ever and we want to help protect you in the process. Partnering up with people we know like and trust to help gain the knowledge necessary to complete the purchase or even when it's time to pull out. This is about finding the right home for each and every client, we want you to have full knowledge of what you are getting into and nothing more than for you feel comfortable during the process.

We have built a business on relationships, including our clients, other realtors, and vendors necessary through the process.  We feel that it is very important to build trust with other realtors for our clients, yes they could be seen as competition, but at the end of the day we work with agents on the other side in every transaction.  Having someone on Your side that can work with other agents, is very important.  Knowing and trusting third party vendors, such as inspectors, plumbers, electricians is vital to the process, so when we have questions throughout the process we know who to trust.

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